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Comprehensive consult

Just like our gut, our skin has its own microbiome which helps to regulate the skins immunity, inflammation, moisture and sebum production. Disrupting the skins delicate microbiome impairs the skins barrier function, leading to breakouts, premature ageing, dry/sensitive skin and the development of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 
By approaching skin from the inside out we can take a closer look at the imbalances in the body. These may include hormones, nutritional deficiencies, liver dysfunction, inflammation and lifestyle factors including harmful skincare products that are contributing to the skin condition.
Before your first consultation you will be asked to complete a thorough health /diet /lifestyle questionnaire. I will go through this with you at your first appointment and gather any extra relevant information. Depending on your presenting health concern, i may request relevant laboratory tests in order to identify any underlaying factors.
Following your consultation, I will create a step-by-step personalised treatment plan and make recommendations for your ongoing support.
Consultation fee: 
Initial appointment – 60 minutes $150.00
Follow up appointment – 30 minutes $70.00

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